Love INC is:

  • A Strategy to help churches come together to help their neighbors in need. 
  • A Partnership of local churches, that links Christian volunteers and ministries to people in need. 
  • A Movement of Christian churches working together to show God’s Love to those in need. 
  • A Model for implementing Christ-like relational ministries that transforms lives—both those being served and those who serve. 
  • A Method for mobilizing local church congregations to live out the two great commandments of loving God and loving their neighbor. 
  • A Network of affiliates supporting and encouraging each other. 
  • A Collaboration between local churches and their community (agencies, ministries, government, schools) to provide effective help for the disadvantaged. 
  • A Vehicle that helps churches, collectively and individually, fulfill their biblical mandate to reach out to their community. 

Love INC is the Church:
Churches Make Love INC
Churches Do Love INC
Churches Relate Through Love INC
Churches Mobilize Through Love INC
Churches Own Love INC
Churches ARE Love INC!




The Clearinghouse is open Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 10am-2 pm.  

In the Clearinghouse “Intake Specialists” which are caring Christian Volunteers from our Churches are there to answer the phone calls from our Neighbors In Need.  The “Intake Specialists” will go through an intake evaluation with the Neighbors In Need which can take 45 minutes.  The Neighbor In Need is offered a prayer and then the information goes to our Clearinghouse Coordinator for verification and clarification.  



The following are our "Gap Ministries", or the areas we can provide resources for.

  • Furniture
  • Bedding
  • Personal Care
  • Love Buckets (Home Cleaning Supplies)
  • Home Repair
  • Car Repair
  • Hope Bags (For Victims of Domestic Abuse)
  • Cooking
  • Moving
  • Starter Kitchen Kits
  • Sew Caring
  • Restoration Bags (For Victims of Sex Trafficking) - In Partnership with Freedom Cry