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The Importance of the Love INC Transformational Ministry Program

The transformative classes and compassionate fellowship found within the Love INC Transformational Ministry Program has the potential to help our Neighbors break free from need and change the trajectory of their lives to a positive and sustainable directions. Our assistance in the TM Program is accomplished through providing a hand up and not a handout. A handout requires little to no effort on the part of the receiver. A handout is crippling because it communicates and reinforces the notion that someone in chronic need, does not need to change, or make different decisions, or exert effort to meet their own needs beyond asking another to provide for them.

Someone who receives a handout repeatedly can come to depend on that handout to sustain their daily life or that of their families. Over time, a handout has the capacity to create learned helplessness in people, by creating reliance on systems, programs, and others that provide free handouts to meet basic needs. 

Future generations learn this reliance on systems, programs, and others for survival then repeat this cycle, model it for their next generation, and generational poverty is created. Without challenge or struggle, a person’s growth is stifled and their God-given potential will likely not be reached. Just like the butterfly in, "The story of the butterfly".

A hand UP offers compassion that has the capacity to redeem. Providing a hand up to struggling Neighbors recognizes the Core Values of Redemptive Compassion which maintain that: everyone has value, everyone has capacity and potential, mutual participation is important, we must use wisdom and discernment in our responses, what we do should help transform lives, and that we are all called to invest relationally in each other. Christ has called us into relationship with one another, when He commanded us to love our Neighbors as ourselves. It is through building relationships that we will truly be able to love into one another as we are called to do. A hand up encourages, inspires, and invests in the person and their future, not just their immediate need. 

While true emergencies can and do occur, repeated crises often signify underlying lack of personal knowledge, skill, and/or ability. A goal of the Love INC Transformational Ministry Program is to utilize God-given gifts of local believers to impart knowledge, teach skills, and encourage abilities in able-minded individuals and families so they may experience the success of providing for oneself and one's family. 

Christ has promised all a life of abundance found in the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), and has assured us that through belief and reliance on Him, we will be provided for (Philippians 4:19). Christ has commanded us all to love our Neighbors as ourselves, and to be a witness for Him (Matthew 22:36-40)(1 Peter 3:15). Through the Transformational Ministry Program, you will have the opportunity to live out His call in a way that introduces your Neighbors to His grace, His mercy, and His provision. With a small investment of your time, your example can guide others desire a life with Him, and that is where the life transformation we speak of occurs, and that is the ultimate goal!

Transformational Ministry Classes