on Thursday, February 15th We CELEBRATED OUR 3RD ANNIVERSARY!

We are honored and delighted to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary at Love INC of Sheboygan County! We sincerely thank you for believing in Love In the Name of Christ and for making these past three years a truly glorious experience. To serve with you has been a treasure, and we look forward, with great anticipation, to what God has in store for us in the days to come.

Psalm 105:1 Give praise to the Lord, call on his name, and make known among the nations what he as done.



Love INC is hiring for the Volunteer Ministry Coordinator position! 

The Volunteer Ministry Coordinator will provide organization wide leadership to the Volunteer Program area of ministry. This member of the professional team will provide programming in the area of recruitment, retention, training, evaluating, and administrative tracking for Volunteers. This position is a part-time (25 hours/week) position, with a competitive hourly rate.

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To mobilize local Christian churches to transform lives and communities through relationships, in the name of Christ.



We are members of Christian Churches, united in purpose and living out our faith through loving service to the people in our communities.  Opening our hearts to give and receive love, truth, and compassion as we are joined together in Christ. 

This spirit of “working together” is evident in our communities through:

· Churches in partnership.

· Service Organizations learning and succeeding in realizing their missions.

· Everyone making progress toward the fullness of Life



· Prayer is an integral part of who we are.

· We follow Christ’s example of valuing all people.

· We value transformation in the lives of people and communities.

· We value building Christ-like relationships, recognizing these represent the “fullness of Life.”

· We are Christian, what we think, say, and do is “in the name of Christ.”

· We respect unity in the Body of Christ.

· We join and support Churches in living out the two great commandments to “love God” and “love our neighbors.”

· We honor the connectedness of the LOVE INC movement.

· We model excellence in our operation, including our commitment to stewardship of all resources.

· We continually mature in our capacity to recognize and meet the needs of all people – especially, those requesting services and our Volunteers.


Love INC formed to mobilize local Christian Churches to transform lives and communities through relationship in the Name of Christ. Formed in 2013, we operate a Clearinghouse to respond to neighbors-in-need with resources from local church ministries and the community. Our Clearinghouse is a phone ministry staffed with trained Volunteers from across Sheboygan County, representing all denominations.

Love in the Name of Christ is a proven model, with 157 affiliates operating across the country offering those in need a hand-up, as others in our community resource network offer a hand-out – both important. Love INC offers an opportunity for neighbors-in-need to break the cycle of hopelessness – connecting them with caring individuals who will model our Christian beliefs through all interactions. 

With the help of Love INC Partner Churches, Volunteers in the office and Clearinghouse, the Board of Directors, and other individual acts of service, the Body of Christ demonstrates love for all our neighbors in need!




A Clearinghouse Volunteer responds to a phone calls from someone in need and talks with them about their situation.
We verify the need through a church, a caseworker, an employer, or whoever best understands the issue - creating a profile of the individual and their need.  

We utilize our community network to determine which social services apply and what church resources are available.
Sometimes a Sheboygan County social agency meets the need. Many times, we are privileged to refer the caller to a Love INC ministry at one of our partner Churches. Free services and donated products from local businesses are received and inventoried for distribution. 

We reach out to out partner churches for Volunteers who are willing to extend help and walk with our neighbors.
These servants from the Churches are following Christ's example and acting as role models moving people from need to living independent, full lives by focusing on the person - offering a "hand-up".

Service "gaps" are clearly identified as Churches and Volunteers work together to "life-up" those in need.
Information regarding the needs met through our existing community and Church network (along with those not easily responded to) is utilized. 






We give a hand up, not a hand out.

Contact the Clearinghouse by calling Love INC at 920-783-6701
Press 2 for “Neighbor in Need”

Clearinghouse hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

If this is an emergency [click here] for Information.



The Clearinghouse is where Neighbors in need are connected to caring and trained Volunteers. Intake Specialists, these Volunteers, are passionate about helping others – about helping you. During the call with them, they will listen carefully to everything that is happening and ask questions to better understand your situation. They will gather a lot of information and record this, pray with you and discuss how our Church and community partners might be able to assist. You will be given choices as to how you want to proceed, and you will agree to action steps to help yourself. We begin our work to verify your situations, with your permission – an important step to be sure that we use the resources God has given us access to through the Churches very carefully. 

The goal of the Clearinghouse is to support you in your work to get beyond the emergencies that you find yourself in – mobilizing Churches to provide a hand-up to you. Our partners are area Churches and organizations that have a commitment to walk as Christ did, giving hope and the promise of new life – you can find your way, with a little help from your friends through Love INC.

Contact the Clearinghouse by calling Love INC at 920-783-6701
Press 2 for “Neighbor in Need”

Clearinghouse hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

If this is an emergency [click here] for Information.